Friday, August 4th, 2017


Reforming France: Emmanuel Macron must keep his nerve

Print section Print Rubric:  Emmanuel Macron has promised to nationalise France’s biggest shipyard. He is entering dangerous waters Print Headline:  Keep your nerve Print Fly Title:  French reforms UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  How to avoid nuclear war with North Korea Fly Title:  Reforming France THINK of it as a Macron micro test: the first industrial intervention by the man French voters put into the Elysée Palace, although he had never held elected office. It involves France’s biggest shipyard, at Saint-Nazaire, on the Atlantic. At the end of lastRead More

National treasures: Is Emmanuel Macron serious about privatisation?

Print section Print Rubric:  The French state is mismanaging its valuable corporate assets Print Headline:  National treasures Print Fly Title:  Privatisation in France UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  How to avoid nuclear war with North Korea Fly Title:  National treasures Location:  PARIS Main image:  20170805_WBP001_0.jpg ONE reason for Italian anger over the decision on July 27th by Emmanuel Macron, France’s president, to stop Fincantieri, a shipbuilder from Trieste, winning control of a French shipyard at Saint-Nazaire, was that recent cross-border deals have mostly gone France’s way. Italian businesspeople haveRead More

The buck drops here: A tale of two markets

Main image:  THE Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 22,000 on August 2nd, something President Trump is almost certain to mention in a tweet soon*. So it might seem as if the “Trump bump”, which began perking American stocks on the night of the election, is continuing smoothly. But the picture is a lot more complex than that as a look at the dollar’s performance against the euro shows (see chart below). The euro fell (and the dollar rose) between election day and the end of 2016. But then cameRead More

The punishment continues: America’s new economic sanctions may hurt Russia’s recovery

Print section Print Rubric:  Do economic restrictions change Russian behaviour? Print Headline:  The punishment continues Print Fly Title:  Sanctions on Russia UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  How to avoid nuclear war with North Korea Fly Title:  The punishment continues Location:  MOSCOW Main image:  20170805_EUD001_0.jpg IN LATE June Daimler, a German carmaker, broke ground on a new Mercedes-Benz plant north-west of Moscow. “We are confident in the long-term potential of Russia,” Markus Schäfer, a board member, said at the ceremony. The €250m ($296m) factory marked the first investment by aRead More

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