Saturday, August 12th, 2017


Africa in the news: Elections in Rwanda and Kenya, AGOA Forum, and Ethiopia’s dropped state of emergency

By Dhruv Gandhi President Kagame wins third term as Kenyans wait for election results On Saturday, Rwanda’s electoral officials announced the results of the August 4 elections. President Paul Kagame was re-elected securing nearly 99 percent of votes. The chairman of Rwanda’s electoral commission shared that voter turnout was around 98.5 percent, amounting to nearly 7 million people. President Kagame’s opponents Philippe Mpayimana and Frank Habineza each earned 0.73 and 0.48 percent of votes, respectively. The Rwandan governance board deemed the elections free, fair, and transparent. Regional observers from theRead More

Figures of the week: African participation in global value chains

By Amy Copley The Global Value Chain Development Report 2017, published by the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and other partners, analyzes recent trends around global value chains (GVCs) and their impact on international trade and development. According to the report, GVCs—defined as production processes in which different countries participate in carrying out different stages of production—account for approximately two-thirds of global trade in value-added terms. Africa, however, lags behind other regions of the world in integrating into GVCs and, in particular, shows little intraregional integration (as seen inRead More

Airport profits: ready to depart

WHEN Heathrow airport opened, in 1946, the only retail facilities were a bar with chintz armchairs and a small newsagent’s. The first terminal was a tent, a far cry from the four halls, resembling vast shopping malls, at the London airport today. Retail spending per passenger is the highest of any airport. This summer’s consumer crazes include Harry Potter wands and cactus-shaped lilos. Heathrow’s journey from waiting room to retail paradise is the story of many airports. Before the 1980s, most income came from airlines’ landing and passenger-handling charges. ThenRead More

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