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Film piracy is changing. Pirates now want ransoms

RIPPING off films still reaps riches: the business model holds even in the internet age. Someone makes a digital file of a film, either with a camera in a theatre or by copying a DVD, then sells the file to operators of dodgy websites, many of whom make millions a year from online advertising and customer subscriptions—illegal versions of Netflix. This year pirates introduced an entrepreneurial plot twist. They have begun asking Hollywood studios for ransoms. In several cases the rogues have told leading makers of films or television programmesRead More

Sweden’s economy is thriving, so why is monetary policy so loose?

ON A recent balmy day, people thronged the parks and promenades of central Stockholm. Swedes have much to feel sunny about. Real economic growth, at a heady 3.2% in 2016, has averaged 2.8% annually since 2009, compared with the euro area’s 1.1% per year. In April, Swedish inflation was close to the target of 2% aimed at by the Riksbank, Sweden’s central bank. Yet it decided not only to maintain the main policy rate at -0.50%, where it has been since February 2016, but to increase the amount of assetRead More

China’s new cyber-security law is worryingly vague

“IF YOU want to stay in China, you have to go all in.” So says James Fitzsimmons of Control Risks, a consultancy, of the impact China’s new cyber-security law will have on multinational companies (MNCs). These firms have moaned for months about the law’s intrusive and vague provisions and asked for a delay in its implementation, but to no avail. It came into force on June 1st, and foreign firms are now scrambling to figure out its implications. Mr Fitzsimmons, for one, is convinced that they must take the costlyRead More

Daily chart: A new study shows how little tax the super-rich pay

Main image:  OF LIFE’s two certainties, death cannot be dodged even by the well-to-do. Taxes are another matter. Quantifying quite how much they manage to keep from the taxman, however, has always been tricky. One common approach governments take is to conduct randomised audits of tax returns. This methodology can give regulators a rough sense of overall tax revenues lost. But it is far from ideal. For instance, studies based on randomised tax audits are usually both too small and too crude to reflect accurately the financial shenanigans of theRead More

Charlemagne: Europe must seize the chance to fix the euro

Print section Print Rubric:  With the economy looking up, Europe must seize the chance to fix its currency Print Headline:  Rebuilding the House of Euro Print Fly Title:  Charlemagne UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  The middle has fallen out of British politics Fly Title:  Charlemagne Main image:  20170603_EUD000_0.jpg PICK a note, any note. The bills of Europe’s single currency are adorned with handsome bridges, arches, vaults and aqueducts, testament to the glorious architectural history of the old continent. True, the constructions are a little lacking in character; the notes’Read More

Business and bureaucracy: Most of India’s state-owned firms are ripe for sale or closure

Print section Print Rubric:  Inefficient and unnecessary, most of India’s state-owned firms are ripe either for sale or for closure Print Headline:  The everything makers Print Fly Title:  Indian state-owned companies UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  The middle has fallen out of British politics Fly Title:  Business and bureaucracy Location:  MUMBAI Main image:  20170603_WBP001_1.jpg EARTH movers, fertiliser, artificial limbs, uranium, rickshaws, hotels, textiles, tea, mutual funds, petrol, broadband, pills, coal, fighter jets, sex toys and much more beside: the range of products and services purveyed by Indian state-owned firmsRead More

Cough up: How to cut smoking in poor countries

Print section Print Rubric:  The recipe to get people to stop smoking is well-known. Why are so many governments ignoring it? Print Headline:  Cough up Print Fly Title:  Smoking UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  The middle has fallen out of British politics Fly Title:  Cough up Main image:  20170603_LDD002_0.jpg IN SOME rich countries ex-smokers now outnumber those who still puff on. But in many poor countries smoking is on the rise, particularly among men. In parts of Africa more than a third of men smoke. In some Asian countriesRead More

The summer of discontent: Britain’s election offers little respite for its woes

Print section Print Rubric:  British politics are being reshaped by the collapse of the neoliberal consensus Print Headline:  The summer of discontent Print Fly Title:  British politics UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  The middle has fallen out of British politics Fly Title:  The summer of discontent Main image:  20170603_FBP001.jpg UK politicsRead more British election coverage THE Germans have a word for it: Geschichtsmüdigkeit, a weariness of history. The British were weary enough when Theresa May called a surprise general election on April 18th. It is just two years sinceRead More

Postponed, not avoided: The Brexit slowdown is under way

Main image:  UK politicsRead more British election coverageTHERE is plenty of evidence that incumbent governments do better in elections when the economy is strong. In the last year or so, the British economy has not looked too bad. In 2016 average earnings rose by 2.2%, the joint-highest growth seen since the economic downturn in 2008. Unemployment is around 4.5% and the employment rate is at its highest since records began. Theresa May will reap the rewards of decent growth at the election—just as things start to turn sour. Economists, of course,Read More

An ORSome wheeze: How becoming a Hong Kong pensioner can save you tax

Print section Print Rubric:  Rich and tax-shy? Try a Hong Kong pension Print Headline:  An ORSome wheeze Print Fly Title:  Tax evasion UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  How to improve the health of the ocean Fly Title:  An ORSome wheeze Main image:  Not dodging but shuffling Not dodging but shuffling THE global war on tax evasion rumbles on. What began as an American onslaught, with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) of 2010, has been joined by more than 100 countries through an initiative called the Common ReportingRead More