What is BN?

We find a good definition of Business Network from SAP.

What Is A Business Network?

When you hear the term collaboration, often what comes to mind is the idea of employees working Aerial view of rural roundabouttogether to get something done. However, collaboration can mean more than productivity gains and connecting across continents. It can also mean a network, a business network to be exact.

In the uncertain economy we live in today, businesses err on the side of caution and have cut costs and turned to their external partners to help provide the services they lacked. As a result, this has caused many to rethink the relationships they have with their suppliers and others in their ecosystem.

What is a Business Network?

A business network is a collaborative approach towards the supply chain, where businesses will find mutual goals and build alliances with other suppliers to meet those goals. Research has shown those companies, willing to try this new dynamic, are seeing massive gains in the productivity of their employees, gains in revenue and product creation.

Business networks are part of the new dynamic. What characterizes this new model?

  • On-going dialogue between customers and partners. The most essential piece of this is that is must be open. An open dialogue allows for quick discoveries and connections.
  • A focus on sharing vital information between businesses
  • Provides access on a “want-to-know” basis instead of a “need-to-know” basis

In other words, it’s collaborative, open, and transparent. However, it can only truly be achieved by embracing new tools and technology. The success of this embrace is dependent on employee’s willingness to bring their consumer networking mindset to work.

This shouldn’t be too hard for employees. Think of all our personal social networks, these are at the core similar to a business network. Take Facebook for example, it creates a world of connections and is a platform for sharing knowledge.

A business network can create this same open environment; where the partnership and community feel that encourages open communication will help inspire new ideas, look at challenges differently using new perspectives, and spot new opportunities.

What makes a Business Network possible?

It’s a convergence of technologies, cloud computing and mobility and enterprise applications.

The cloud platform is the foundation, making mobile as an important and essential secondary. The two combined provide the tools necessary for seamless collaboration that can be accessed from anywhere. Enterprise applications, based on consumer social networks, are the key enabler to connecting like-minded people, breaking down barriers, and easy knowledge sharing.

Why join a Business Network?

Because it makes sense. You can no longer be a large enterprise, maintain good operating margins, and create the most innovative products without the support and resources of your external partners. The future of business is changing, will you join the network?

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