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Innovation ecosystem for digital transformation 0

Innovation Ecosystems: Key to Africa’s Digital Transformation

Introduction Throughout history, Africa boasts a rich history of innovation. The brilliant African minds have contributed to numerous scientific and technological innovations that transformed the world. The mathematical algebras and geometry that we all...

Africa's Digital Transformation: Beyond Hype, Towards Reality 0

Africa’s Digital Transformation: Beyond Hype, Towards Reality

The narrative surrounding Africa’s digital transformation often swings between two extremes: optimistic predictions of technological leapfrogging and concerns about impending technological deficits. While Africa’s potential for technology-enabled transformative change is undeniable, a more grounded...

ABNT: Nuts and bolts of AI 0

Nuts and Bolts of AI for an AI-Ready Africa

Abstract: This article explores the foundational aspects of artificial intelligence (AI), presenting a simplified yet comprehensive explanation of its core concepts, applications, and transformative potential. It discusses key concepts such as machine learning, deep...

Ai for Africa's digital transformation 0

Navigating the AI Landscape in Africa

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming societies worldwide, offering immense potential for economic growth, social development, and technological advancement. We have witnessed a global wave of AI innovation, revolutionizing and creating value across all...

Digital Detox for Organizational Success: Recharge and Reconnect Your Team 0

Digital Detox for Organizational Success

In today’s hyperconnected world, the modern workplace often feels like an endless downpour of information, bombarding employees with emails, alerts, notifications, and virtual meetings. This constant bombardment not only leads to information overload and...

Africa's early computer adoption 0

Africa and the First Computers: Left Behind? No!

Africa’s technological narrative often paints a picture of a continent left behind, particularly in the early days of computers. When it comes to the early days of computers, the assumption frequently rests on the...